What is the GenGreen® network?

The goal of GenGreen is to be the most comprehensive and diverse resource available for people looking to live a locally-focused, environmentally conscious lifestyle. This is accomplished through our network GenGreenLife.com where we have over 60,000 listings to help you live your green life.

The GenGreen® network is a multi-faceted platform for communication, education and connection; from green news headlines, job listings, and events, to tips helping you live a sustainable life. Want to find a recycling center near you? Where are your local farmers’ markets? Looking for an alternative means to get to and from work each day? You can find the answers to these questions, and much more, at GenGreenLife.com.

As a user, the GenGreen® network is a platform to share ideas, educate one another and get more involved in sustainable practices. Profiles, blogs, and personal event calendars are just a few of the resources that registered users can use when accessing the Network.

Meet the team at GenGreen GenGreen LLC

GenGreen is one of the preeminent aggregators and distributors of environmental content online. GenGreen created and maintains the largest database of accredited green businesses and organizations in North America, with a growing group of almost 60,000 companies currently in their system, covering everything from recycling centers to solar panel companies.

The GenGreenLife.com website offers environmental resources for individual users and crucial visibility for these businesses servicing them. The core business model for GenGreen focuses on their mass distribution model of their content and their software application deployment pushing GenGreen into many different platforms. GenGreen currently licenses their database of environmental resources through the use of their API to media companies such as EcoBroker International (http://www.ecobroker.com/) and Gannett (http://www.9news.com/advertorial/livegreen/gengreen.asp) giving them valuable revenue driving content. Partnerships like these help drive GenGreen’s paid premium listing model and advertising revenues.

GenGreen also services corporations with both a private label search engine database they can use to help fill their needs for environmentally focused sourcing and procurement, and valuable data mining information to give direction for new product launches and market trend monitoring.

GenGreen is also using their geo-centric IP and API to establish themselves in the mobile world. GenGreen has two live iPhone applications, the “GenGreen Tips” app and the “Find Green” app. Blackberry and Google Phone applications are coming soon

El Quintero is one of the pre-eminent aggregators and distributors of environmental content online. GenGreen created and maintains the largest database of accredited green businesses and organizations in North America, with a growing group of almost 60,000 companies currently in their system, covering everything from recycling centers to solar panel companies.

Manage Your Time – Manage Your Project Successfully

Project Management and Time Management Training

For effective management of projects, project management training is needed to hone those skills. Many projects do fail because of the lack of necessary skills to execute them. That being said; managers and project leaders need to take advantage of project management training in order to excel in the field. Equally important, time management training is crucial for every manager and team leader. Project management is often characterised by time and budget constraints with a defined scope.


The training in projects equips participants with fundamentals of project management. The student will be taught how to manage costs, time, handle project risks, motivate team members, implement quality measures, and communicate with team members effectively. There is a variety of methodologies used in project management training. They include PMI (Project Management Institute) principles.

For anyone who wants an insight on how to become a good manager and how to build and maintain a productive project management team, project management training is a must-take course.


What to learn in project management training?

In the project management training, the student will learn how to define the scope of the project, identify the effects of the environment on project management, write a charter, identify the responsibilities, skills, and challenges of a team leader or a project manager, identify time management components, estimate costs and assign resources accordingly, manage the costs and set a budget, design a risk management plan, work and negotiate with contractors in a project, compute the variance at completion, compute an estimate at completion of the project, and identify the goals of quality management.

Time management training course will equip you with the skills to manage time efficiently. You will learn the fundamental skills of time management. These include identifying the goals and setting the priorities and evaluating the time, discussing the Pareto principle, assigning a price to time, and controlling poor time management, managing the time adult and many more. Time management training is needed in every business organisation. In project management, time is one of the constraints.

What to learn in time management training?

The course in time management training equips participants with a plethora of skills. These skills include, but not all-inclusive to, the ability to develop time management goals, save time using technology, increase productivity by controlling the meetings and interruptions, maintain the paperwork, organise your office by using filing system, create the plans to be executed on a daily basis, and maintain the workload.

Time management training is important for team leaders and managers of the project. Every project has time as a constraint. It is, therefore, recommended that time management training be taken with project management training. These courses will, inter alia, teach you how to manage time and projects effectively.


Product Reviews Coming To Our Site In July

Laser and Filler Acne Scar Treatment – We Review Which Is The Best

 There are times when your acne scars don’t go away. When you experience this, you might want to consider setting an appointment with a dermatologist for laser and filler acne car treatment.

Laser skin treatment requires one to three sessions to even out the skin surface. The fractionated laser technology also helps increase the formation of new collagen to help fill in the scars.

 There are two types of lasers used in acne scar treatment. Non-ablative lasers encourage the regeneration of collagen without damaging the surface of the skin. Ablative lasers remove the scar and allow new skin to grow over its place.  Coming up in July we review the best acne skin treatments.

What is a Good Anti Wrinkle Cream and Will It Work Better Than Botox?

Wrinkles are unavoidable. The elasticity of our skin deteriorates as we grow old. The skin becomes thinner and drier. Some parts of the face that get wrinkles include the forehead, around the lips and the area surrounding the eyes. Botox alternatives for antiwrinkle treatments such as anti aging creams lessen the effects of the fine  lines around the eyes. The serums give the face a more relaxed face.

 Neck bands are also formed as people age. Good creams can help decrease the bands and give the user a more natural look. then there is Botox which works by contracting the muscles that cause the wrinkles and neck bands. It is also safe to use and has the approval from the US FDA. We test out the alternatives and give you the Green Choice: do you go anti aging cream or do you go Botox.