Hemp Clothing in the USA – making waves in fashion

If you live in the United States or Canada, you might have heard about hemp clothing. Hemp clothing is made from the remnants of hemp plants that have not been converted to cash crops. Hemp fiber is strong, durable, and has many positive benefits, especially when it comes to our health. Hemp clothing is starting to be seen more frequently in many places, including T-shirts, hemp jackets, hats, and more. VitalHemp are one of our favorite hemp clothing companies currently as they have captured the ethos of hemp, coupled with some outstanding style statements.

In the hemp clothing review below, you’ll learn about a few of the popular hemp clothing companies that are starting to incorporate the “green” crop into their clothing lines, changing the textile industry forever for the better. We’re looking at brands such as Hempworks, Longitude, and Mother Nature Handmade, and we’re also taking a look at what they have to offer you. First of all, hemp clothing made by these brands is more environmentally friendly than traditional clothing made from cotton, wool, and other synthetic fibers. Additionally, these brands are offering hemp clothing made from organic cotton and hemp seed, so they are not only supporting the environment by using sustainable methods, but they are also promoting healthy, fair working conditions in industries that are dependent on animal products.

So where can you buy hemp clothing? Hemp clothing is available at many popular clothing retailers, but for the best selection, we recommend going with an organic cotton clothing retailer. Organic cotton clothing is grown without the use of chemicals, and hemp clothing made from organic cotton will be some of the purest, most luxurious fiber clothing you can find. Organic clothing companies are quickly growing in popularity and buying organic clothing online is easy, safe, and convenient, so make sure you do your homework and choose the right retailer when shopping for hemp clothing.