Engagement Rings from Xennox Diamonds

Getting to Grips with Xennox Diamonds

With an astounding range of hand-made jewellery, a stunning array of loose diamonds to choose from and world-class customer service skills; Xennox Diamonds engagement rings have been trusted and used by countless customers over the years. Unlike so many of their competitors, Xennox strive to prioritise quality, affordability and performance in equal measure.

It would be safe to assume that the brand are most well-known for the quality of their engagement rings, with each one being crafted and inspected by an expert with a high level of expertise. But these rings are just the tip of the iceberg as far as their products are concerned, so what else should you know about this Australian online jewellery provider?

Their background

Conceptualised in 1976, Xennox rapidly went on to become one of the leading jewellery suppliers on the continent. Their team are as skilled in the art of manufacture as they are with appraisals – and as each item of jewellery that they offer is subjected to the same level of exquisite craftsmanship, they offer a consistent level of quality that their competitors simply can’t keep up with.

Their fans often visit the Xennox Diamonds Showroom to witness the display in all its splendour, and the brand have been featured in more magazines, physical publications and online than you can shake a stick at. But at the heart of their genetic makeup are their services; a variety of features that utilise traditional techniques in much the same way as their early founders would have done.

What do they offer?

Featuring high-end designers such as Simon G, not to mention being able to trace their heritage back to the well-known Schwantes family of jewellery designers themselves; it should come as no surprise to learn that they offer some of the finest quality jewellery imaginable. Their engagement rings have been purchased by celebrities from around the globe, as have their wedding rings and other fine jewellery that they specialise in creating.

One of the most unique aspects of the brand is the fact that they also offer loose diamonds – of which can be purchased from a few thousand dollars, up to 5 figures. These diamonds were sourced, handled and prepared ready for polishing, before becoming available to purchase via their website. And although they specialise in providing their ordering services online, they also have physical outlets whereby customers can request further information, seek advice, or learn more about how their particular ring will be made.

With decades of experience in the field, a multitude of skills brought to the table and a willingness to help that few jewellers possess; Xennox have become a firm favourite amongst their Australian customers. They can gladly provide their services to international customers as well – and if you’re keen to see what they have on offer, simply visit their website today.