See Thailand For The Songkran Festival And Explore The “Land of Smiles” With Krabi Car Rental

Fishing in Krabi Being secluded from the surrounding areas for centuries led many of the residents of Krabi to turn to fishing as a career, and this tradition has continued as the decades have gone by. With direct access to the coast, Krabi has become a location synonymous with fishing activities, and both locals and visitors are encouraged to enjoy the fresh water fishing potential. The sea line boasts a great number of fish – many of these are common throughout Thailand and Asia, although there are several unique species native to Krabi. The best way to get to the beaches around Krabi is by car, and a reliable rental car service is recommended for visitors to town. Here’s a look at the types of fish that can be caught by either sea or river fishing. Giant Mekong Catfish These bottom-feeders grow to epic proportions, and there even stories that claim that people have been swallowed whole by them. The methods for catching these catfish vary, and they can be tempted to the surface with the promise of a fresh meal, as well as dug for underground by feeling out their hiding places. You’ll know when you’ve caught a catfish because of the sheer power behind them – not to mention their weight which has been known to exceed 100kg! Arapaima These underwater predators are a common sight within the rivers and streams that run through Krabi, but catching one isn’t as easy as it might seem. They are an intelligent fish with a knack for breaking free from even the most well-equipped fisherman’s grip, and the best times to catch them are early morning, or late in the evening when they come out form their hiding places to hunt. Alligator Gar These incredible alligator-fish hybrids are said to be millions of years old, with their origins being traced back to the dawn of the dinosaurs. They are aggressive and will bite if provoked, meaning that they will often bite in to bait without hesitation. They can reach weights of up to 54kg and often form the basis for many Thai dishes, but catching one at full size can be a challenge due to their immense energy levels. Big Head Carp Considered one of the most common inhabitants throughout the rivers and coasts of Krabi, the big head carp is as gigantic as it is elusive. Even with the sheer number of them; catching one has proven difficult for even the most experienced fishermen. They are said to love the scent of blood, so other fish are often used as bait, but be warned as the diet of a big head carp can often lead to them growing far larger than a grown man! Amazon Stingray After being introduced to the local water supply in and around Krabi over a century ago, the Amazon stingray have since thrived. They are a much more common sight in the open waters of beaches, but they can be caught on the rivers too.… Continue reading See Thailand For The Songkran Festival And Explore The “Land of Smiles” With Krabi Car Rental