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Looking for self storage units in Wa Perth?

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You may have heard of self storage facilities and self storage units, but do you know what really goes on inside those containers? It’s no secret that there are approximately 58,000 self-storage facilities worldwide- with over 49,000 in the United States, more than 3,000 in Canada, around 1,200 in the UK and over 1,000 in Australia, the trend of using self storage is growing in popularity all over the world.


Self storage units in Perth at Ezi Storage for all kinds of storage including furniture, packing boxes and short and long term secure storage at Osborne Park with 24 hour security and 7 day access.

For those that don’t mind a short journey to their nearest storage depot, it’s definitely clear that units are a good way to go. If you are okay with a loss of space in favour of a shed however, then this solution may be a little better suited. The cost of rental units are much cheaper in the long term, and considering that the rental can be terminated at any time, there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t want to use one.