Coping With Temazepam Addiction

Temazepam Addiction

The addictive qualities of prescription drugs are becoming more and more apparent, and in recent years, the number of those abusing these types of narcotics has risen dramatically. When it comes to making use of sleep aids such as temazepam, understanding the severity of misuse could make all of the difference when avoiding developing a dependency.

What is this Temazepam Addiction

Benzodiazepine is the key ingredient that helps this narcotic to balance chemicals in the brain that regulate natural sleeping patterns. Especially effective for those who have trouble achieving or maintaining sleep, it works almost instantly and provides a user with a full night’s rest. Treatment normally lasts for around 7-10 days, and if lack of sleep persists, it is advised for a user to reevaluate treatment.

What should users know before taking Temazepam 

Although it is a successful treatment for insomnia, there are a few factors that need to be considered before use. These are:

  • This particular treatment is highly addictive and those receiving prescriptions can easily form a dependency if instructions for use are not properly adhered to
  • Suddenly stopping medication can be dangerous after long-term use
  • It should only be taken at night time, or for periods where inactivity is guaranteed for 7-8 hours
  • This drug is not approved for anyone under the age of 18
  • Use can cause involuntary behavior and gaps in memory if taken during periods of activity
  • Can cause birth defects and fetal dependency if used during pregnancy
  • Elderly patients may be more prone to dizziness and falls

Prescriptions should only be sought from a medical professional, as there are a range of drugs and health issues that may interact with its use. Side effects such as daytime drowsiness, nervousness, nausea, headaches, depression, anxiety, and more can be especially prevalent with misuse, too.

Dealing with a temazepam addiction

If you are unfortunate enough to develop a dependency, or you know someone who has, it can be highly important to seek medical help. Inpatient rehab centers can assist those with addictions of all severities in a range of ways.

Much like addictions to illegal substances, the detox procedures and counselling offered by clinics can help an abuser to successfully recover. In-patient and out-patient facilities will have the necessary resources to ensure a safe withdrawal process, as well as tailored treatments to get the user back on track. Alternative medicines can then be discussed to treat the initial symptoms of use (insomnia), too.

Overdose can be easy to achieve and prove to be fatal, especially as this drug comes with specific dosing instructions, so always seek medical help if you believe you may have taken too much.




Hair Extensions By Joeseph Mourad

Getting to Know Hair Extension Specialist Joseph Mourad

With an assortment of celebrity clients under his belt, including Mel B of the Spice Girls and X Factor Judge fame, Joseph Mourad has become one of the most prominent luxury hair stylists in the Sydney area and even has his own unique product – the Dryer Curler Straightener.

Joseph Mourad Sydney hair extensions expert on “surviving cancer”

His hair extensions have been recognised as some of the finest in the country; with people flocking from far and wide to have their hair treated.

best hair extensions

One step ahead with hair extensions

One of Joseph’s most unique traits is his determination when it comes to sourcing the latest hair care techniques and trends from around the world. By searching high and low, the stylist has been able to obtain an incredible variety of experience – all of which he extends to his clientele.

Bespoke hairdresser

Being a bespoke hairdresser has its advantages, particularly when it comes to exclusive styles, and as a result Joseph isn’t your everyday, run of the mill stylist – he’s a specialist in his field that is more than capable of creating unique aesthetics for his often famous clients.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t look after those that don’t spend their lives in the limelight however; quite the opposite, in fact.

With a hair and beauty salon open for business in the heart of Sydney, Joseph and his team focus on providing the highest quality hair care services to their clients, all backed up by years of experience and knowledge in the field.

What makes Joseph and his hair extensions so unique?

Perhaps one of Joseph’s most appealing services is his world-class hair extension application. Unlike so many of his competitors and other experts; Joseph and his team obtain their extensions from the most natural source imaginable – the human head.

Each extension is made from human hair and that’s what makes his products and services so unique.

Synthetic hair extensions

Although synthetic extensions can often be suitable to some extent, they often lack the realism, natural highlights and the physical touch that real hair does.

And thanks to Joseph’s early experience in one of the region’s largest salons – his clients can rest assured that they are in some of the most knowledgeable of hands, all whilst enjoying the highest quality, most effective hair care treatments imaginable.

About Joseph

Joseph Mourad doesn’t just specialise in hair extensions however, he also offers an incredible variety of hair care treatments including cutting, stylish, colouring and much more in between. When it comes to enjoying world class results with a fair price and a friendly expert – his salon could well be the ideal place to look after your needs.



Savvy wedding shoots make a splash

savvy wedding photography

When looking for a special wedding day photographer to shoot your once in a lifetime event there is no second chance. You have to ensure that you capture the moment and get it right so that you can look back in years to come and see your love story spelt out in images that you can be proud of and recall with fond memories.

Ensure that your photographer fits the mood and style you want to capture. Look through their portfolio and see if it fits with the mood you would like to capture for your wedding. You also need to discuss the locations that you want to shoot on your wedding day. Many people have a separate shoot in a special location away from the guests such as in a park, or a unique landmark.

Be sure that you check out the pricing and you are aware of the full costs of the photography package: for example, does it cover all prints, how will your photos be presented, and how many copies will you get? Of course this does not only apply to your wedding day pictures. You also need to consider these things if you are having a newborn baby photographer take shots on your new loved ones arrival and of course if you are going to have a glamour shot or vintage photography specialist do a shoot for you many of the same principles apply. So go ahead and enjoy your photographic special day, whatever it is. Many of these shoots will feature once in a lifetime events: so enjoy them.

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Postal Address: PO Box 289, Mt HAWTHORN, WA, 6915
Phone: 9443 1111
Fax: 9201 0249

How Solar Hot Water Installation Help With Your Power Bills?

What Can You Expect from a Solar Hot Water Installation?

Hot running water is a staple demand for all home owners, whether the warmer temperature is needed to run a bath or shower – or if it’s to assist the central heating system. On one hand, electricity can be very expensive to run on a daily basis, not to mention adding to a families’ economic footprint that can damage the world and increase the impact of global warming.

Solar energy on the other hand is free, relatively consistent and functional enough to offer hot water all day long – especially if the sun is out. But what can you expect from a solar hot water installation? How do the benefits compare to traditional electrical systems and could they make that much of a difference to a home?

How does solar power work?

The sun has played a major role on the way that the world works. Its rays have encouraged growth and evolution and it’s a necessity for organisms of all types. It’s not just the health benefits that it boasts however; in fact its rays are more than capable of standing in for electricity when used properly.

That’s where solar power comes into the fray. Thanks to the advanced components within solar panels, it’s never been easier to absorb the rays from the sun. Once harvested, these molecules can be converted into energy that is capable of heating up multiple gallons of water in less than an hour. With consistent exposure, this means that homes of all sizes can benefit from hot water all day long – without the cost or impact of using electricity.

How can solar energy be of benefit?

By opting to have a solar hot water system installed, even the largest home can enjoy warm water for showers, baths, central heat and general uses. Where electricity works by transferring energy via cables and connections, solar power can instead be put to good use immediately within boilers and other water-related features.

This can also minimise risks associated with leakages, but that’s just a minor advantage. The real benefits relate to the way in which solar energy can all but replace electrical equivalents. As mentioned above, monthly bills will be lower as the sunlight is free, not to mention water being easy to heat with just a couple of hours of exposure to the sun.

What are the cons relating to solar panels?

As their name might suggest, the panels do rely on sunlight in order to function to their fullest potential. Although the rays will be strong enough to pierce cloud, panels can struggle to absorb them during especially bad weather. This can result in cold water, but this is fairly minimal when considering that Australia is exposed to over half a year of direct sunlight.

For those colder seasons, there’s always the option to have an emersion heater installed and this can be activated to temporarily provide electrical power to the heat source.

See Thailand For The Songkran Festival And Explore The “Land of Smiles” With Krabi Car Rental

Fishing in Krabi

Being secluded from the surrounding areas for centuries led many of the residents of Krabi to turn to fishing as a career, and this tradition has continued as the decades have gone by. With direct access to the coast, Krabi has become a location synonymous with fishing activities, and both locals and visitors are encouraged to enjoy the fresh water fishing potential. The sea line boasts a great number of fish – many of these are common throughout Thailand and Asia, although there are several unique species native to Krabi. The best way to get to the beaches around Krabi is by car, and a reliable rental car service is recommended for visitors to town. Here’s a look at the types of fish that can be caught by either sea or river fishing.

Giant Mekong Catfish

These bottom-feeders grow to epic proportions, and there even stories that claim that people have been swallowed whole by them. The methods for catching these catfish vary, and they can be tempted to the surface with the promise of a fresh meal, as well as dug for underground by feeling out their hiding places. You’ll know when you’ve caught a catfish because of the sheer power behind them – not to mention their weight which has been known to exceed 100kg!


These underwater predators are a common sight within the rivers and streams that run through Krabi, but catching one isn’t as easy as it might seem. They are an intelligent fish with a knack for breaking free from even the most well-equipped fisherman’s grip, and the best times to catch them are early morning, or late in the evening when they come out form their hiding places to hunt.

Alligator Gar

These incredible alligator-fish hybrids are said to be millions of years old, with their origins being traced back to the dawn of the dinosaurs. They are aggressive and will bite if provoked, meaning that they will often bite in to bait without hesitation. They can reach weights of up to 54kg and often form the basis for many Thai dishes, but catching one at full size can be a challenge due to their immense energy levels.

Big Head Carp

Considered one of the most common inhabitants throughout the rivers and coasts of Krabi, the big head carp is as gigantic as it is elusive. Even with the sheer number of them; catching one has proven difficult for even the most experienced fishermen. They are said to love the scent of blood, so other fish are often used as bait, but be warned as the diet of a big head carp can often lead to them growing far larger than a grown man!

Amazon Stingray

After being introduced to the local water supply in and around Krabi over a century ago, the Amazon stingray have since thrived. They are a much more common sight in the open waters of beaches, but they can be caught on the rivers too. Just watch out for their barb as they can be incredibly long and dangerous.

So many amazing things to do in Thailand the “land of smiles” – visit for the Songkran break and get a Krabi Car Rental and explore…

Timothy K Fife – Markets Update

Tuesday,  saw the US Dollar again the winner of the currency wars as the US Index hit an 11 year high (95.59). Inverse as Gold is the the Dollar, it ended the trading day only $2.00 negative from the open but suffered a huge drop of $13.00 in an hour during the US session. Actually may of the pairs were rather subdued yesterday with much more movement seen from Monday’s action. The Euro and British Pound closed just about where they opened, with the Aussie Dollar making some nice gains after Gov. Stevens decided to keep the Interest rates unchanged. The Canadian Dollar was noticeably stronger across the board also.

Stock Markets were down on low volatility, perhaps many Investors now waiting for the big one, Friday’s Non Farm Payrolls report.

So what was the driving catalyst for yesterday’s Market movements? Usually it is Central Banks Yellon, Draghi, Carney, or Greece’s Tsipras but no, it came form Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu who addressed US Congress and talked about Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Iran’s OIL reserves with possible further sanctions and US poor policy with Iran. OIL price reacted immediately and is up $1.00 and over the 50.00 a barrel finishing the day at 50.59. Hedge funds are now reassessing their OIL short positions with many having actually closed out long term shorts.. This is also the reason GOLD had its big drop while Netanyahu was speaking.

Inflation has been depressed for two reasons – the strength of the US Dollar and the massive drop in Energy prices. The effect is low interest rates which hurts real growth and employment and increased risk-taking by borrowers and yield hungry lenders. All this leads to mispricing of assets prices like the Stock Market and real estate. The annual Inflation rate for the Unites States for the past twelve months is – 0.01%, target 2.00%. Central Bankers spend most of their time strategising how to stay out of the deflationary spiral which Japan has suffered during the last 20 years.

For the second month in a row the Australian Dollar reacted prematurely to the official release time of its Interest Rate statement by Gov. Stevens. In the minute before the AUD/USD jumped up 50 pips curiously being bid. Was it high frequency algorithms or underhanded people in the know, trying to gain an advantage in the Market? ASICS, the regulatory body, said it is under investigation and will not comment at this time.

You can read about Timothy K. Fife at SeekingAlpha

U.S. Media is Split on Iran Talks as Small Steps are Made | America appears to once again be divided on an international issue, as a split over whether the talks with Iran are a positive or negative.

America appears to once again be divided on an international issue, as a split over whether the talks with Iran have a positive or negative outlook proves to be a divisive issue.

In this newest hot-button issue, the Iran talks were reported on by CNN with “optimism” from Switzerland in its report.

“It is a good deal, a deal that meets our core objectives,” President Obama said from the White House Rose Garden. “This framework would cut off every pathway that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon.”

On FOX News, the claims were that the U.S. negotiation team, lead by the Vice President, had “caved” on issues to keep the U.S. and the World safe. Popular right-wing pundit Sean Hannity repeated “A deal with the Devil” ad-nauseum on his television program.

Diplomats from both sides of the meeting said that progress had been made, but admitted there was still little that had been fully resolved. Instead, there appears to have been bullet-points taken under strong consideration, and noted as the framework for what the deal would need to look like. According to CNN, Iran must reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium by 98 percent overall. In return, Europe and the U.S. would lift sanctions on the country.


Services sector expands on back of finance, health and retail – Finance and insurance services was the dominant force driving growth, up 4 points to a booming 73.

The services sector expanded in March, albeit only just, as financial services, health and retail led the way.

The Australian Industry Group’s Performance of Services Index declined by 1.5 points in March but, at 50.2, remained just above the key 50-point level that separates expansion from contraction.

Finance and insurance services was the dominant force driving growth, up 4 points to a booming 73.

Health and community eased slightly last month, but remains well in expansion at 57.5, while retail trade rose 2.9 points to 52.6 – the first time that sector has expanded in six months.

Personal and recreational services also rose in March, ending three months of contraction, but hospitality contracted for a fifth straight month, while wholesale also continued declining, and communications slumped 9.5 points to 33.8 and has been contracting since December 2011.

The sub-indices for sales, employment and new orders all expanded last month, but all three were only just above 50 points.

Deliveries and stocks both fell.


Natural Ways To Clean Your Home

Carpet Cleaning Services 3 Different Types of Carpets

When it comes to choosing a carpet, you’ll want to be sure that you find one that’s reliable, durable and most importantly; looks great. With so many options to choose from, how can you be sure that you’ve chosen the carpet that’s right for you when it comes to cleaning? Well fortunately, you’ll be able to find some of the greatest carpet cleaning services in the phonebook or online and they’ll be able to take care of your carpet no matter what it’s made of. Here’s a look at the different types of carpets.

Nylon Carpets

These types of carpets provide some of the most reliable material around. They are very heavy duty, stain resistant, very soft and are considered some of the most affordable carpet types on the market. Cleaning is a straight forward process and your carpet cleaner will be in and out of your home in no time. One of the biggest benefits has to be nylon’s versatility as it can withstand high temperatures and can keep the warmth in during those colder months.

Polyester Carpets

If you’re looking for a vibrantly colored carpet that holds the color even as the years go by then polyester is the way to go. The material is very easy to dye and it will absorb most colors to create great patterns and designs. One of the biggest problems with a polyester carpet is that they are quite prone to staining as the material will absorb most liquids that drop on to the fibers. Fortunately there are specific carpet cleaning services that specialize in polyester treatments so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Polypropylene Carpets

These types of carpets are as resistant to stains and dirt as nylon carpets and in many ways they provide a lot more options as the fibers are easy to dye and can remain in great condition if looked after properly. The fibers are much longer than with nylon carpets so one of the main problems is that dirt and crumbs can fall in to the recesses, but that’s where a good cleaning service comes in handy as they will have the equipment to lift away all traces of dirt.

Wool Carpets

Wool is the softest and most luxurious carpet material available and as a result it can be very expensive. Many people say that the negatives unbalance the positive aspects of a woolen carpet, but that doesn’t stop people from deciding on their soft fibers to look great around their home. One of the main concerns with wool is that it will absorb colors very well so woolen carpets are very prone to staining, but if you prefer style over functionality then there’s really no competition. If you’d like to have your woolen or any material carpet treated by a professional carpet cleaning service then don’t hesitate to do so as they can really keep your carpet looking its best all year round.

Different Levels of Fire Resistance

Different Levels of Fire Resistance

Whether you run a successful manufacturing factory, or if you’re just starting out in your industry, one of your priorities should be to protect your machinery from fire damage. Fire protection equipment for factories can be the difference between avoiding severe damage to your machinery, or losing out and being lumped with a huge bill for repairs. So what do you need to know about the different types of fire protection equipment?

Well the first thing to bear in mind is that fire resistant products have 3 categories. These categories are known as Class 100, Class 150 and Class 350, but further categories exist in between. The numbers ‘100, 150 and 350’ refer to the level of heat that the object can repel. This method of rating refers to the level of fire resistance a particular product has, so let’s get to know what each class means and what they are capable of when it comes to protecting from fire damage.

First up we have Class 100. This rating applies to standard pieces of equipment such as building structures and data/ storage safes and implies that the materials that comprise the structure of the object can withstand temperatures of up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, or 52 degrees Celsius internally, or 2000 degrees Fahrenheit/ 1090 degrees Celsius externally. Although these temperatures are extremely high, this is often necessary as data safes and storage facilities will contain a range of valuable information or equipment and will need to be able to repel heat for a certain amount of time.

The next official class is 150 and can do all of the above, but instead of operating below 125 degrees Fahrenheit, this rating implies that the contents must be kept below 150 degrees Fahrenheit, or 65.5 degrees Celsius. The external resistance will remain the same as with other heat classes, meaning that the contents will remain below the class of temperature, while the external material of the container or material withstands temperatures reaching 2000 degrees Fahrenheit/ 1090 degrees Celsius.

The final class is the most extensive of the 3 and can withstand internal temperatures of 350 degrees Celsius. This temperature is incredibly hot and is more than capable of melting certain types of metals. This class is most often used to protect paper documents which are most prone to catching fire. As you’ll notice, the higher the temperature class, the weaker the contents contained within, or in this case; the more prone to fire damage.

If you’re keen to protect your factory equipment, then it’s important to house your machinery within materials in the above classes. For machinery and electrical components, Class 150 should suffice, whereas paperwork and documentation will require a much higher level of protection and so Class 350 protective gear is recommended.